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            For the latest information please visit - www./coronavirus
            Students playing games in the lounge

            Campus Housing

            Coronavirus Update
            Last Updated: March 23 - 3:30pm

            Effective  on Tuesday, March 24, 10分11选5, our campus residence halls will be closed for the rest of the semester. All students should make plans to completely remove personal items out of their residence hall room by this date.  Students who have already left campus need to make arrangements to have all items removed from their rooms by March 24, 10分11选5.  Students who have already turned in their keys should contact Campus Safety at (260) 316-1877 to be let into their rooms. 

            Staff members will be available to collect keys that have not already been turned in:

            Monday-Tuesday from 9am-5pm

            Outside of these hours, please contact Campus Safety at (260) 316-1877.  Please remove trash from rooms prior to leaving. 

            At a later date, housing staff will inspect all rooms to assess damages.  If damages are found, we will contact all roommates to determine who is responsible. If no one claims responsibility, the charges will be split among all roommates. Damage fees will be applied to student accounts or to refund amounts respectively and students will be notified via email.

            Also, we recognize that there might be some circumstances that are highly exceptional where students may not have safe or suitable alternative housing options.  For these extreme cases, students may petition the Housing Department to continue living on campus by completing this form.

            You must fill out the form no later than Tuesday, March 24 at 5pm.

            Requests will be reviewed on an on-going basis by Student 10分11选5 staff. Responses will be sent within 24 hours of receipt with a decision regarding their request to reside in on-campus housing or if more information is needed by students. Important note:  Refunds of room and board will not be issued to students approved to stay in a residence hall as “extreme cases.”  Also, those approved as extreme cases will not be allowed any guests, especially anyone who was not approved as an extreme case.  Any violation of this policy will result in eviction.

            Guests are only permitted in the residence halls to help a student move out of their room/hall.  No overnight guests are permitted in the residence halls.  Violations may result in the student being asked to leave campus immediately.

            If you have housing questions or concerns, feel free to email any one of the following Student 10分11选5 staff members:

            Angie Booth, Director of Housing, bootha@
            Grace Waterstradt-Keil, Director of Residence Life, waterstradtg@
            Linda Werling, Office of Student 10分11选5 Office Manager, werlingl@

            FAQs for Housing:

            How will refunds work? When will my refund be sent?
            Students will receive a pro-rated room & board refund for the five week period between March 29 and the end of the semester. If a student has a balance on their account, the refund will be applied to that balance. Refunds for housing costs will not be issued to students approved to stay in a residence hall as “extreme cases.” 

            What if I need storage?
            Trine University does not have any storage available to students. Please check local availability.

            Will summer housing be available on campus?
            We’re not sure yet! We will continue to monitor the situation and update students as able.



            A little bit of luxury never hurt anyone. And let’s face it, college is hard. So it’s nice to be able to study and relax in comfort. From the newly built Golf Course Apartments to the townhouse-style villas of Campus Village, it’s easy to see why Trine undergraduate students are excited about on-campus living. Our new student apartments make dormitory-style living a thing of the past. And everyone—not just seniors—can enjoy our new facilities.

            Exceptional Communities 

            Check out any college or university across the country10分11选5 and you’re unlikely to find another that has campus-owned apartments with views of a golf course, fireplaces in the student lounges, and laundry facilities in your own apartment complex. At Trine, you will. And you’ll live in a community of your peers, where you’ll be in the midst of campus activities—from Library Putt-Putt to sand volleyball and more. 

            Start Living in Luxury

            Over the past decade alone, we’ve spent more than $155 million on renovations and new facilities across campus, including student housing. With more than 10 options—from the Golf Course Apartments to Moss Street Apartments to Reiners Hall—Trine’s campus housing facilities can be described in one word: exceptional.

            That's just part of what it's like living at Trine University. And it's why we take so much pride in the experience we offer.

            Learn about housing requirements and the selection process.

            Read more about the move in process.