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            Dual Enrollment

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            Dual Enrollment courses are designed for high school students who are looking to expand their academic horizon. At Trine we offer many different delivery options for classes, giving students the ability to choose the platform that works best for them.

            • The campus experience is when high school students take university courses on our campus or online.
            • The academic experience is a program in the high schools taught by fully qualified adjunct/hybrid instructors who are also high school teachers. These courses are offered at your high school campus during the regular school day.

            Ready to get started? Apply today!

            ApplySummer Courses are now available!

            How to get started with Moodle/myPortal/StudentEmail

            Are your accounts ready? If so, click below:

            Dual Enrollment Information


            Admission Eligibility for students wanting to participate in Trine Dual Enrollment courses are the following:

            • Grade Point Average: 3.0, and rank within top half of class (if applicable)
            • Test Scores
              • PSAT: 1030
              • SAT: 900 (Combined critical reading and math)
              • ACT: 19

            Below lists’ the documents students must submit:

            Recommended Courses

            10分11选5 Summer Course Offerings

            10分11选5 Fall Course Offerings


            For a detailed search of all available courses:

            Earn College Credit

            • As long as you earn a grade of "C" or better, you'll receive full college credit on a Trine University transcript. Credit can be applied toward a Trine degree or may be transferred to another university.

            Dual Credit Priority List

            • Courses offered through our dual credit program are a part of the , an initiative set by the Indiana Department of Education.

            Core Transfer Library

            • The transferability of these credits within the state of Indiana can be guaranteed if they are listed on the . Any student wanting to take dual credit courses and planning not to attend Trine University for undergraduate study is encouraged to contact their intended school for confirmation of transferability.

            Degree Applicable

            • Time is precious, so we encourage our students to ensure the courses they are taking will apply to their intended degree program. Universities list degree requirements on their website. Students should research universities and degree programs to confirm courses will transfer and are applicable to their degree program. If unsure about transferability, reach out to a college representative for assistance.

            Tuition is significantly reduced for Dual Enrollment students. 

            • Campus Experience
              • Campus experience students get the unique experience of coming to campus to
              • Cost: $95 per credit hour
            • Academic Experience
              • Courses taught at one of our partnering high schools
              • Cost: $25 per credit hour
            • Online Courses
              • Cost: $50 per credit hour

            Visit our scholarship page to review details of our $1,000 Trine Dual Enrollment Award.

            Payment Information:

            • You may pay online at . Make a One-Time Payment: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa are accepted online with a 2.99% transaction fee. e-Check is also available online at no cost to you.
            • Checks can be mailed to the address below. Please add student name to memo line of check.
            • Check myPortal for a complete account history and for any billing revisions.

            Checks can be mailed to:

            • Student Accounts
              Trine University
              1 University Ave
              Angola, IN 46703

            Olivia V. Lusher, Ed. D.
            Executive Director, K-12 Partnerships and Dual Enrollment

            Andrea Mofield, MSL
            Associate Director of Dual Enrollment

            Graham Reeves, M.A. TESOL
            Assistant Director of Dual Enrollment

            Mailing Address:
            Trine University
            ATTN: Dual Enrollment
            1 University Ave.
            Angola, IN 46703


            Semester Calendar

            An academic calendar with important dates can be found by visiting the Academic Calendar page. For courses offered on high school campuses, please refer to your high school academic calendar.

            Student Links