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            Sponsel Hall


            The world is a pretty complex place.

            To succeed, it takes the kind of depth of knowledge in a particular field that will set you apart. At the same time, it takes an understanding of how various disciplines and fields intersect and intertwine every day.

            At Trine, you’ll find nationally respected programs and nationally acclaimed faculty who will help you build your depth of knowledge. And you’ll do so in a setting where you’ll live, learn, relax, reflect, share, inspire, and be inspired by fellow students representing a rich diversity of academic interests and professional goals.

            Allen School of Engineering and Computing

            With an average class size of just 18.5 students and faculty who have earned their doctorates from MIT, Yale, Princeton, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech, among others, the Allen School of Engineering & Computing is among the elite. Whether part of our ABET-accredited programs in biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical, computer and mechanical engineering, learning in our revitalized computer science and information technology programs, or gaining essential design engineering skills, students receive hands-on experience, the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art laboratories and personal attention from professors who have practical experience in their fields.

            Franks School of Education

            Trine has been educating the area’s best teachers since 1884. The  Franks School of Education blends solid theoretical knowledge with crucial clinical experiences that begin as early as the first year. The School is guided by highly respected former teachers, administrators, and department chairs, and last year’s class of education graduates achieved a 100 percent pass rate on the Core Academic Skills Assessment tests (CASA), the Content Area Assessment tests (CORE), and the Developmental Assessment test (Pedagogy).


            Jannen School of Arts & Sciences

            From criminal justice and forensic science, to music, biology, and mathematics, the Jannen School of Arts & Sciences delivers extensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on training in state-of-the-art classrooms and labs. And one-third of the School’s faculty have been nominated by their students to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers—more than twice the national average.


            Ketner School of Business

            With programs ranging from accounting, finance, golf management, management, marketing, and sport management, the Ketner School of Business is widely respected throughout the region. The school’s academic programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, and internships, simulations and real-world case studies offer students a wealth of practical knowledge and skills. 

            Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences

            The Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences is the 10分11选5 of our first doctoral program, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and 10分11选5 to our Master of Physicians Assistant Studies programs. In the undergraduate degrees, students can choose from majors including exercise science, biology, biochemistry and a variety of pre-professional tracks.

            College of Graduate and Professional Studies

            Also known as TrineOnline, the College offers more than 20 online associate, bachelor's and master’s programs through a flexible and accessible online setting. TrineOnline students receive unparalleled support as they earn their 100% online degree built on the academic power of Trine University. In 2016, the University combined the College of Graduate and Professional Studies and the Graduate School to provide outstanding programs to working adults/nontraditional students.